Tabs, Pages and Categories

Dear all,

I’ve done a bit of updating on our blog. If you go to our main blog page ( you’ll notice a few tabs. These tabs will take you to different pages that I’ve created.

Home- will take you back to the main screen

About- provides a brief summary of what kind of stuff to post

Strategic Plan- A review of the bullet points we are currently exploring/researching


If you take a gander to the right side of the blog, you’ll see some widgets. The first is a search bar (to search within our blog for terms or content). You’ll also see an archive and a few other things, the most important being Categories.

Categories are way to sort our posts according to Whose post it is and what Topic it covers. For instance this is categorized as Natasha and How to.

When you go to write a post (found on the left dashboard menu under POSTS) on the right hand side there is a section for Categories. Just click the one’s you’d like your post to go under.

Questions? Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail





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